About This Website

Amici's website started in 199x as simple static pages designed in Netscape Composer.  Then, it was hosted by Tripod under amici.cjb.net.  There were a lot of problems.  There were too many ads, no central navigation system, and the pages have inconsistent designs.  We took the domain amici.com.ph in 2005 and planned a full redesign that never seemed to push through.

Then, in 2008, as a simple project during one Holy Week, I experimented with Drupal, and after a week, we had a development site.  Moving information from our original site to the new version took less than a week -- there weren't that many pages in the old site.  Afterwards, we moved to production.

In 2015, with mobile devices gaining prominent use among our visitors, we've changed things a bit to make our website responsive, so that this will be easy to read and navigate whatever device you're using

We hope to post updates on our products and events frequently.  We look forward to making our website a valuable resource and your water systems portal.

If you notice any issues or have any suggestions to improve this resource, feel free to drop us a message.