A.O. Smith

Residential Electric Water Heaters

A.O. Smith Residential Electric Water Heaters

Regardless of the model, you can be sure it's built on a solid foundation of quality and innovation that has made A.O. Smith water heaters the preferred brand of the professional plumbing contractor.

Since pioneering the innovation of the glass-lined water heater in 1936, A.O. Smith has continued to be the leader in providing home owners and developers high-quality hot water heating systems.


Residential Gas-Fired Water Heaters

A.O. Smith Residential Gas Water Heaters

Save on operating costs! A.O. Smith LPG water heaters are ideal for dormitories, hotels, fitness gyms, and applications with large hot water requirements.  Consult distributor for computation and analysts.


Commercial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

CycloneA.O. Smith Cyclone XHE

Introducing the World's First 99% Efficient Water Heaters

The original Cyclone XHE line (BTH-120 through BTH-250) set standards for performance and quality that still stand.  94% thermal efficiency.  Multiple venting options.  Space-saving, time-saving installation versatility.


Hot Water Boilers

GW300 Boiler

Burkay Genesis - 84% Efficient, LOW NOx Hot Water Supply Boilers

A. O. Smith Genesis boilers offer everything you could ask for in a non-condensing boiler.  They provide the highest possible 84% thermal efficiency, outstanding venting flexibility, space-saving stackable designs and a new advanced Energy Management Control (EMC) system.




Commercial Hot Water Storage Tanks

A.O. Smith is the best choice for complete commercial water heating and storage systems.

No other manufacturer gives plumbing professionals a broader choice of innovative commercial water heaters and boilers.  So, it makes sense that when you need supplemental storage of hot water, you can turn to A. O. Smith for a nearly unlimited selection of storage tanks.

A.O. Smith can deliver from 80 to 10,000 gallons of hot water storage / calorifier tanks!




Storage Water Heaters

Storage heaters are the most common type of water heater in North America. Storage heaters work by heating water through electric heating elements or gas or oil burners and storing the heated water in its own tank. Thermostats control when the heating mechanism operates -- when stored water is below a set temperature, the storage heater activates; when a set upper limit for temperature is reached, the heater deactivates. While water is stored and not used, heat is very gradually lost. Most modern storage water heaters have very good insulation to minimize these standby heat losses.


Copper Heating Element 3.5kW 240V HD Flange

Type: Copper Sheathed High-Density

Power Rating: 3.5kW @ 240V

Connection: Flanged

Compatible with Northern Hill storage electric water heaters


A.O. Smith TJV-120M Hot Water Storage Tank

A.O. Smith Factory Jacketed and Insulated Commercial Storage Tank




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