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Traveller's Choice 2013 Top 25 Hotels in the Philippines

Congratulations to the Traveller's Choice 2013 Top 25 Hotels in the Philippines by Trip Advisor!  These have been voted best hotels while enjoying the Philippines.

We are doubly proud to be serving the hot water needs of the top 5, as well as overall 17 out of the top 25 hotels with our water heating systems.  Be it with Fireflux heat pumps, A.O. Smith storage water heaters, Atmor instant electric heaters, or Solaractive solar water heaters, we've done our little part.


Amici - Thermovar 2nd Invitational Sportsfest 2012

Teamwork and camaraderie filled the Cuneta Astrodome as 45 teams gathered for the Amici – Thermovar 2nd Invitational Sportsfest entitled “Embracing Diversity, Fostering Friendships, Leading Tomorrow” last September 8, 2012.

View of Cuneta Astrodome


A.O. Smith CAHP-80 8kW Hybrid Light Commercial Water Heater, 80 gal

A. O. Smith CAHP line of commercial heat pump water heaters brings the right mix of energy efficiency and affordability to the commercial water heating market. CAHP adheres to the MasterFit tradition of unmatched flexibility with backup heating capacities from 3 to 12kW. But what sets CAHP apart from common commercial heaters is its powerful Heat Pump module that guarantees continuous electrical and operating cost saving. This balance in design ensures an ROI worth evaluating for any commercial establishment that uses hot water in operations.


A.O. Smith ProMax PM-32 Pressure Tank

A.O. Smith Diaphragm Pump Tank - Pre-Pressurized Free-Standing



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