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Water Heating Systems: Towards Energy Conservation Seminar 2

Amici Mercantile Inc. and the Hotel Engineers Association of the Philippines (HEAP) held their 2nd joint seminar project entitled "Water Heating Systems: Towards Energy Conservation" last May 21, 2008 at the Makati Sports Club.  The seminar aimed to bring awareness to architects, engineers and consultants important methods for reducing environmental footprints of building projects.


"Sta-Rite Pool Products Introduction"

Pentair Water Pool and Spa, home to Pentair Pool Products and Sta-Rite brands, is the world leader in pool and spa equipment and accessories.  Amici has been partnering with Sta-Rite for over the last few years.  Last April 25, 2008, Amici and Sta- Rite organized a seminar entitled “Sta-Rite Pool Products Introduction” at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue for invited pool contractors, architects and engineers.


Amici Kicks Off with its First 2008 Seminar, "Water Heating Systems: Towards Energy Conservation”

With rising energy prices, it pays to consider how you can get better energy efficiency out of your water heaters.  In line with this, Amici Mercantile Inc., together with the Hotel Engineers Association of the Philippines (HEAP), held its first seminar of the year,  entitled “Water Heating Systems: Towards Energy Conservation”, last April 18, 2008 at the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel.



Save up to 75% of Your Heating Costs Using FireFlux Heat Pump Water Heaters

Save up to 75% of your electric bill on water heating!  Use FireFlux Heat Pumps and get your investment return in two years or even less.

FireFlux Heat Pumps work on the concept of reverse refrigeration.  In normal air cooling, heat is "pumped" out of the air, diverting the heat energy to another area.  Heat Pump water heaters, in contrast, pump the heat from ambient air to your water.  Heating water this way takes advantage of the tremendous amount of heat in our air.  Getting heat this way is cheaper than directly producing heat from electricity, gas, or oil.


Solar-Heat Pump System

The performance of the Solar-heat pump water heating system in Shangri-la Edsa is excellent. It is not free as pure solar energy. It never is. But using heat pump as backup, it's as close to free as it gets. Operating cost is reduced by more than 80%.  Now all steam boilers of Shangri-la Edsa are scheduled to be shut down, except for a small capacity to serve steam and high temperature requirements for kitchen and laundry.


Sta-Rite Pool and Spa Products

Starting mid-2007, we are distributing Sta-Rite pool and spa products in the Philippines. Sta-Rite is a division of Pentair Water, a global leader in water products. Sta-Rite pool products include Max-E-Glas swimming pool pumps, Dura-Jet spa pumps, System 2 Modular D.E. Filters, Cristal-Flo sand filters, and the Max-E-Therm pool heaters.



Welcome to Amici Water Systems

For more than 40 years, our business has consistently been about supplying quality water products. We understand how essential water is to our everyday lives.  It is our interest and enjoyment to discover, learn, and implement old and new ways to make the best use of water. Moving water, heating and treating water, or just plain enjoying water, we provide solutions.


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