Commercial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

CycloneA.O. Smith Cyclone XHE

Introducing the World's First 99% Efficient Water Heaters

The original Cyclone XHE line (BTH-120 through BTH-250) set standards for performance and quality that still stand.  94% thermal efficiency.  Multiple venting options.  Space-saving, time-saving installation versatility.

Now, with an unprecedented 99% thermal efficiency, the Cyclone BTH-300 and BTH-400 raise the bar yet again.  The newest Cyclone combine 130 gallon storage with 300,000 and 400,000 BTU inputs.  By manifolding multiple units together, total storage and recovery can be increased dramatically.

The Cyclone XHE far surpasses federally mandated ASHRAE standards for heat loss and complies with CEC Title 24.  Top and bottom insulation and a sealed submerged chamber reduce heat loss to an absolute minimum.  99% thermal efficiency allows Cyclone BTH-300 and BTH-400 to provide total investment recovery in as little as two years.

The expanded cyclone line gives you a commercial water heater choice for mid-sized restaurants and 50-300 room hotels, with significant advanatges over both standard systems and boiler installations.  And breaking the 99% barrier truly does make Cyclone the most efficient water heater line ever built.

 Cyclone XHE Commercial Gas Water Heaters

(US Gal.)


Height (in.)


Inlet/ Outlet

Shipping Weight


60 120,000 55.5 27.75 1 ½ 380


100 199,000  74.5 27.75 1 ½ 438


130 280,000 74 33.13 1 ½ 900


130 400,000 74 33.13 1 ½ 900

The Innovation  that leads

A) The burner precisely mixes blower driven air with gas for maximum combustion efficiency

B) After ignition, a swirling flame shoots downward into the submerged heat exchanger

C) the hot fuel gases are forced downward into the helical coil portion of the heat exchager

D) The spiral shape of the coil keeps the gases swirling & pressed against the coil wall for an extra high rate of heat transfer


 cyclone inside

 Strength in Numbers

Cyclone XHE water heaters can be installed in manifolded multiples to serve the highest demand applications in place of boiler systems. For example, four BTH-400s can be manifolded to provide total storage of 520 gallons and inputs of 1,600,000 Btu.


A.O. Smith Master-Fit Commercial Gas-Fired Water Heaters

  • Permaglas Ultracoat Glass-Lined Tank
  • 120 to 180ºF Adjustable Thermostat
  • 160 psi Maximum Working Pressure
  • Intermittent Ignition Device
  • Gas Pressure Regulator and Pilot Filter
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Jacket
  • Diverter with Automatic Motorized Flue Damper
  • Sediment Reducing Self-Cleaning System
  • Handhole
  • Anode Rod
  • Automatic Gas Shutoff System
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Plug Kits
  • Top, Front and Rear Water Connection





A.O. Smith Master-Fit Commercial Gas-Fired Water Heaters
Model Storage (US Gal.) Input (Btu/hr) Height (in.) Diameter (in.) Depth (in.) Inlet / Outlet (in.) Shipping Wt. (lbs)
BTR-180 81 180,000 67.5 27.75 - 470
BTR-198 100 199,000 74 27.75 - 603