A.O. Smith AO-WH-PRE-RPP2 Sediment Filter



This whole house filter system uses 40 microns filtration to reduce the present sediment in the water that is visible to the naked eye as well as the amount of cloudiness or turbidity. The water also goes through mechanical filtration wherein there’s a mesh filter or cartridge that traps suspended particles on the surface or within the filter. AO-WH-PRE-RPP2 is suitable for households consisting of 1-4 people. The filters last for about 6 months or until a noticeable pressure drop occurs.



  • Longer lasting appliances
  • NSF Certified
  • Fits with A. O. Smith whole house systems
  • Comes with two replacement filters
  • Easy replacement



Height: 10 inches

Width: 5.3 inches

Length: 3 inches

Flow Rate: 4 (Gallons per minute)

Min. Feed Temp.:  40° Fahrenheit

Max Feed Temp.: 100° Fahrenheit

Weight: 1lb