Electric Instant/Tankless Water Heaters

Atmor Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters, designed according to Israeli standards, supply continuous hot water as needed.  Unlike storage heaters, water is heated only upon use, totally removing standby heat loss, and translating to savings on your electric bill.

With fully automatic operation, multiple safety cut-offs, easy-to-maintain and replaceable heating element and engineered quality design, you can be sure your shower stays warm, safe and convenient.

The Atmor Advantage

Specially Engineered Tank

Atmor engineered composite plastic material is used to build the durable plastic tank in each Atmor Heater.  The plastic tank features better insulation than copper tanks, giving faster and more energy efficient heating, while at the same time extending the heater life by protecting other components from extreme heat that otherwise escapes from copper tanks.

Modular Replaceable Heating Element

Hard water (common especially in Alabang and deep wells) leads to calcium deposits inside your water heater that reduce the efficiency of the heating element inside your water heater.  You might notice the effects of hard water when you have to set your heater to Medium or High to get the same hot water as you originally get using only the Low setting.  The calcium deposits reduces your heater's capacity to produce hot water and wastes a lot of electricity.

Among the instant heater brands sold in the Philippines, only Atmor has easily replaceable and cleanable heating elements.  You can clean the heater tank and element by yourself or your repair person to make sure your heater is providing the best hot water for your electricity.

When your water heater has a damaged heating element, you can opt to save yourself money by only replacing the heating element.  Unlike in Atmor, most instant heaters, especially those with copper tanks, do not have replaceable heating element.  This is because their heating elements are part of their tank assemblies.  If you have a problem with your heating element, even though you might have a 5-year warranty on it, you might still have to pay to replace the whole tank assembly.

Amore Series

Atmor shower heater Atmor multi-point heater Inside the Atmor heater

General Features

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design means easier and more affordable repair and maintenance

Quality Standards

ISO9001-2000 and CE Standard

BlueWave Series

BlueWave Shower Heater

General Features

Heat Stabilizer

Water temperature is controlled so that your shower gives steadily warm or hot water during pressure changes

Flexible Installation

Water inlet and the electric cable can be connected through the top, bottom or even the rear of the heater for a truly clean and hidden installation.

Safety Features

Mechanical ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)

The ELCB prevents fire and accidents due to electric shock or electric leakage.  When leakage is detected, current can be quickly cut off to prevent injury or casualty.  Mechanical ELCB is reputably safer and more reliable than electronic ELCB.

Thermostat Automatic Cut Off

Two-level thermostat protection doubles the safety from excessive temperature that may otherwise cause burns.

Pressure Release Valve

Excessive pressure is automatically released to protect both the heater and the user from high pressure build up.

IPX4 Splash Proof

WRAS BS 6920

BlueWave has undergone Water Regulation Advisory Scheme tests to verify that output water remains safe and drinkable, and not contaminated by the heating process of the heater.

Quality Standards

BEAB, CB, CE, ISO 9002


Inline / Multi-Point Features

Manual Resettable Thermostat

Manual thermostats are similar to the durable thermostats used in storage heaters.  When the overload protection is activated, the manual thermostat can be reset from the inside of the heater to return the heater to normal operation.  Automatic triac thermostat also provides the same functionality but may have very limited number of activation.

Magnetic Flow Switch

Atmor's magnetic flow switch has a lower activating pressure than the traditional pressure switch.  This can be important in areas in which pressure is too low.

Automatic Pressure Relief Valve

The pressure relief valve required in all multipoint water heaters releases water when there's excessive buildup of pressure in your instant heater.  The excessive pressure maybe due to non-use of pressure reducing devices in the design of your building or condominium.  In most instant heaters in the market, the pressure relief valve is a one-time activation type.  Once it is activated, the heater will continuously leak water.  Without proper drainage, this can possibly cause huge incidental damages to your home. 

Atmor pressure relief valves are resettable and are similar to those used by more durable storage heaters.  When there's buildup of pressure, only enough pressure is released by the valve.  This minimizes potential damages to property.


Atmor Water Heaters Specifications
Type Amore Multi-Point
Application Hot shower / single point of use Shower and sink combination / multipole point of use
Temperature Selection Three-way temperature selection
Safety Cut-off Dual auto and manual thermal cut-off
Pressure Relief Valve N/A Automatic reset type
Voltage 220 — 240 VAC
Power Rating 3.5 kW 3.5 kW 5.5 kW
Cycles 50 Hz — 60 Hz
Phase Single Phase
Heat Setting (kW) Low: 1.5 Med: 2.0 High: 3.5 Low: 1.5 Med: 2.0 High: 3.5 Low: 2.0 Med: 3.5 High: 5.5
Cable Entry Top right and Top Left
Circuit Breaker Rating 20 A 20 A 30 A
Dimensions (H x W x D) 190 x 300 x 110 mm
Inlet/Outlet Connection 15 mm (1/2" compression inlet connection)
Temperature rise at 4 L/min (1.05 gpm) Flow Rate 12°C Temp. Rise 20°C Temp. Rise
Minimum Activating Pressure 14.5 psi 2.5 psi
Operating Water Pressure Up to 7 Bars (100 psi)
Accessories Shower head set n/a