Thermostatic Instant Electric Heater

Thermostatic heater in shower room

Thermostatic instant water heaters are state-of-the-art when it comes to instant water heating. Unlike conventional instant heaters in the market, in which you can only control input power, thermostatic instant heaters allow users to preselect their desired output water temperature.

The thermostatic heater continuously senses inlet water temperature and computes how much energy to use so that you get your shower at your desired temperature.

This smart technology utilizes advanced electronics and design and brings several advantages over ordinary heaters:

  • Consistently comfortable shower
  • Improved energy use
  • Encourages decreased water use
  • Less operational cost

Consistently comfortable shower

When you select your desired temperature through the heater's easy-to-use touch interface, the water heater automatically saves your preference for you. All year long, the heater manages its performance automatically to deliver hot water at a consistent temperature. When you change the water flow rate, the heater adjusts power use appropriately to give you consistent hot water. The heater also detects seasonal change in inlet water temperature and adjusts accordingly.

Improved Energy Use

The low-to-high settings of conventional instant heaters control the electrical energy used to heat water. Because inlet water temperature changes every season, these heaters need to be constantly adjusted so as not to waste electricity. This is inconvenient especially for multipoint installations where the heaters are installed in hard-to-reach areas.

The Thermostatic heater automatically detects inlet water temperature. During summers when the inlet water temperature is much higher, less electrical energy is used to reach your target temperature. 

Encourages Decreased Water Use

With standard instant heaters, without precise control on output temperature, we often compensate by adjusting the water flow to control the temperature. This may lead to unnecessarily high water flow rates when the water is too hot.

Thermostatic heaters will manage the temperature for you so that you get your desired water at your desired flow rate. 

Less Operational Cost

Thermostatic heaters ultimately will save you energy and water. Given the high electrical cost in the Philippines, as well as water slowly becoming a scarce resource, the energy and resource savings translate to monetary savings. With highly competitive pricing for thermostatic heaters, these are recommended for sustainable living now and in the future.

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