A. O. Smith Heatbot SZS-015 Electric Storage Water Heater, 15L

A. O. Smith, the World’s No. 1 manufacturer in Water Heaters, offers Heatbot SZS-015 for warm water usage. This heatbot has stunning looks and a capacity of 15 liters. It is ideal to be installed in the bathroom so you can use it for a warm and comfortable bath especially during cold weather or when the water is too cold in the morning. It is BEE 5-star rated with Advanced PUF Technology so aside from being extremely efficient, it will also save big on your electric bill.



  • Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank for 2X corrosion resistance
  • Easy access Temperature Control Knob for added convenience
  • Smart Timer Mode for Auto-On, Auto-Off
  • Advanced Temperature Control
  • Long-lasting anode rod with 2X lifespan even in hard water conditions
  • Glass-Coated Heating Element to prevent scale formation and extend the life of heating element



Volume: 15 L

Power: 2000 kW

Voltage/ Frequency: 220~/50 V/Hz

Pressure: 8 Bars

Heat Source: Electricity

Operation Type: Automatic

Mounting Type: Wall Mount, Vertical

Dimensions: 40.8 cms X 39.5 cms X 37 cms


Weight: 10.7 kg
Dimensions: 39 cm × 37 cm × 40.8 cm