A.O. Smith PF-B1 Sediment Filter 1" 15.8GPM

Did you know that sediment degrades the quality of water for drinking, wildlife and the land surrounding streams? However, sediment naturally occurs in all sources of water. These are particles that came from soil erosion or from the decomposition of plants and animals. They will be carried out by the wind, water and ice onto the rivers, lakes and streams that eventually flows to the ocean.

Sediments are usually consisted of sand, rocks, minerals, organic particles of plants, microbes or dissolved metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. They can enter your water supply and bring bacteria, virus, and protozoa which can cause health risks to consumers.


Prolongs the life of water heater

It’s difficult to detect sediment contamination with the naked eye, especially the suspended sediment. When your water from heater tank has high level of sediments, corrosion begins and the enamel of the internal tank weakens. A.O. Smith pre-filters are important tools for water filtration as it prevents impurities and sediments from entering your heater tank.


Sand out of your tub

It is also good to use if you're living close to the sea or when you’re spending a vacation in an island resort. It helps to clear out the water in your tab from fine sand particles before your tub gets filled. 


High-precision filter mesh

The filter mesh of A.O. Smith pre- filters can effectively remove even large (>100µm) impurities, sediments and rust. It gives a great improvement to the quality of the water which helps to extend the service life of water-related appliances.





435mm (L) x 186mm (W)

Rated pressure

0.15 ~ 1.6 MPa

Rated temperature

5 ~ 40°C

Inlet/outlet diameter


Flow direction




Stainless steel filter mesh opening


Cold water flow rate

60 lit/min

Rated total water volume

Recommended time between flush

2 months


Dimensions: 435 mm × 186 mm × 0 mm