Bio-UV O'Clear 25

Bio- UV Group, the only company certified for low and medium pressure and has 20 years of history for ultraviolet water treatment, joined forces with O’Clear to combine the two best technologies in the market, UV and electrolysis, in order to make an efficient, reliable and guaranteed high-performance disinfection for all types of basins and every shutter pool without using chemicals.


With O’Clear UV treatment, you can achieve a healthy and crystal clear pool water with no salt taste as it only use 0.5g/liter of salt. For a 100m3 pool, just 50kg of salt is needed. It is much lesser compared to the 400kg of salt that is normally needed for pool disinfection. There’s also no need to use chlorine tablets so the water wouldn’t smell like chlorine.


It uses a 100% automatic Plug and Play system so it is easy to install and use. The water gets disinfected once it passes through inside the device wherein UV treatment occurs. Its UV at the wavelength of 254 nanometers, can eliminate all micro-organism present in the water such as virus, bacteria, algae and mold. This O’Clear UV treatment ranges for up to 25m3/hr.