Gas-Fired Tankless Water Heaters

LP gas-fired tankless water heaters are common in Europe, China and increasingly so in the USA. They have the advantages (and disadvantages) of electric instant water heaters, the most common type of heater in the Philippines. It uses LPG as an energy source. Compared to an electric water heater, a gas-fired water heater roughly halves operating costs.


We carry two models of LPG tankless water heaters:

Natural Exhaust Domestic Gas Water Heater
Model JSD12 JSD 24
Rated gas pressure

JSD12 LPG instant water heater

JSD24 LPG instant water heater

2800 Pa

0.41 psi

Suitable water pressure

0.025 Mpa — 0.8 Mpa

3.6 psi — 116 psi

Exhaust style Flue style, natural draft
Ignition type Water-control automatic continuous pulse ignition
Safety Device With overheat protection
Gas inlet connection Diameter 9.5mm hose connection
Cool water connection   1/2" NPT
Hot water connection   1/2" NPT
Rated hot water capacity 6 L/min. (Delta T=25k) 12 L/min. (Delta T=25k)
Rated heat load 12 kw 24 kw (Approximately 82,000 BTU