Commercial Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) is a promising technology that uses the same mechanical principles as refrigerators and air conditioners to generate hot water.  Unlike conventional electricity and fossil-fuel-fired water heaters, HPWH's take heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the water in the tank.

The heat pump works by taking heat from the surrounding air and using it to heat the low pressure liquid refrigerant in the heat pump's evaporator, vaporizing the liquid.  The refrigerant then passes through the compressor, which raises the refrigerant pressure and thus the temperature as well.  The heated refrigerant gas passes through the heat pump condenser, where it gives off its heat to the water and condenses back into the liquid state.  The liquid refrigerant now passes through an expansion valve where the pressure is reduced and the cycle starts over.

Heat pumps mainly consist of  a compressor, fan, evaporator, and the heat exchanger.  The compressor requires electricity to compress the refrigerant and vaporize it, and the fan requires a small amount of electricity to continually blow air across the evaporator coils when the unit is operating.  The only electricity cost is the operation of the compressor and the fan in order to collect the free heat and pump it to the hot water.


Fireflux Heat Pump Features

Refrigerant R22 or R417A
Compressor Copeland scroll (National rotary for FF-02)
Jacket Stainless 304 steel plate
User Interface LCD display control panel
Heat Exchanger Copper tube heat exchanger
System Protection Features Automatic unit on/off timer clock; Insufficient water flow protection
Expansion Valve Alco (USA) expansion valve
Certifications CE Mark; UL Listing underway


Commercial Calorifier Tank Features
Manufacturer A.O. Smith Water Products
Made In USA
Construction ASME construction on all tanks greater than 350 gallon capacity
Inner Tank Lining All internal surfaces exposed to water are glass-lined per ASME HLW code procedure; NSF approved glass lining compound
Additional Protection Cathodic protection (anode rods) provided
Storage Capacity From 120 to 12,500 gallons
Operating Pressure 125 - 150 psi; ASME certified
Certifications NSF; ASME
Product Specifications
Model FF-02 FF-03 FF-05 FF-05S FF-10 FF-20
Outlet Water Rated Temp (°C) 60
Heating Capacity (kW) 6.9 10.6 17.1 17.1 35 70
Rated Power Input (kW) 1.82 2.8 4.5 4.5 9.2 18.4
Power Supply (V/Ph/Hz) 230/1/60 230/1(3)/60
Compressor Type Rotary Sanyo / Copeland Scroll (USA)
Compressor Quantity 1 1 1 1 2 (4) 2 (4)
Cabinet Material 304 Stainless Steel Rate
Refrigerant Flow Restriction Alco Thermal Expansion Valve (USA)
Refrigerant Type R-22A / R-417A
Pipe Size (in.) ¾" 1" 1" 1" 1¼" 4"
Dimensions: Length (mm) 1148 830 830 1040 1500 1450
Width (mm) 456 710 710 542 745 1450
Height (mm) 580 885 1085 1280 1085 1700
Ambient air Range -20° — 45°C
Air Discharge Direction Side Top Top Side Top Top
Weight (kg) 70 115 150 150 280  560

For Titanium Heat Exchanger for use in swimming pool heating, change model code from FF to FFP (example: FF-05 to FFP-05)

Many reputable establishments have opted and switched to the Heat Pump Water Heating System, saying that this type of heating system is indeed saving them money.  You get your investment return in less than 2 years, all the savings accumulated to your future earnings.

A Partial Listing of FireFlux Heat Pump Installations