Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters

aosmith hybrid water heater family

Conventional storage and instant water heaters have high energy demand. Given the high cost of electricity in the Philippines, water heaters are among the home appliances that have high operational costs. Establishments with significantly high demand for hot water such as hotels and hospitals have dramatically reduced their operational costs by using ultra-high efficiency gas water heaters and commercial heat pump water heaters.

For the residential home users, Amici offers A. O. Smith hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters integrate the heat pump technology to storage water heaters to bring savings of up to 75% compared to ordinary heaters. Heat pumps work by using a reverse refrigeration system similar to refrigerators and air conditioners. Heat is collected from ambient air and transferred to water via heat exchangers. Unlike solar water heaters, heat pump can get heat day and night, sunny, cloudy or rainy. Heat pumps work with temperatures as low as 10ºC.

The hybrid water heater saves energy by primarily using its heat pump module to generate hot water. In times when demand exceeds heat pump capacity, the heater has a secondary electric backup system to still provide required hot water.

A. O. Smith has residential hybrids from 15 gallons to 120 gallons. See below to see the family of energy saving water heaters: