Atmor Smart 905 Thermostatic Multipoint Heater 5.5kW

Atmor 905 Thermostatic features the unique thermostatic technology to instant multipoint water heating. The Thermostatic feature allows user to configure accurately her desired output water temperature. The digital precision allows savings in water, energy, and money, but most importantly, brings great enjoyabe shower without surprises.

Thermostatic Technology saves water and electricity

Using ordinary instant water heaters, whether mechanical or electronic, you can only choose how much power you utilize. You then only control the water valve to get your desired temperature. With 905 Thermostatic technology, you can allows you to set desired output temperature and let the heater do the smart work. During summers when water is warmer, less electricity is used to reach your desired hot water and you don't need to use more water just to make the heater less hot. This means saving on your investment while enjoying your showers consistently.

Ideal as a solar water heater booster

Solar water heaters are designed to save energy by using solar heat to provide hot water. However, its effectiveness is derived from the weather and the position of the sun relative to the solar collector position. When it's rainy, cold or cloudy, the heat from the sun will not be enough.

The 905 Thermostatic is ideal in this situation in boosting the water temperature from the solar heater to a desired target temperature. Just enough energy will be used only to increase water temperature as needed. If water is already hot enough, then the 905 will not activate at all.


  • Heats to exact desired output temperature (accurate to half-degree celsius)
  • Touch buttons control temperature
  • Digital display 
  • Flow switch and inlet temperature sensor activated
  • Replaceable heating element
  • Double thermostat: automatic cut-off at 52 degrees C; manual cut-off at 80 degrees C


  • Maxmum Heating Capacity: 5.5 kW @ 220V (6.0kW @ 230V)
  • Temperature Setting Range: 30-55°C 
  • Element Type: Tubular
  • Circuit Breaker Requirement: 30A
  • Flow Rate: 3.2 Liters / Minute (1.05 Gallons / Minute) @ 20°C Temp. Rise     
  • Minimum Activating Pressure: 0.3 bar (3.2 psi)
  • Operating Water Pressure: 0.3 - 7 Bars (14.5 - 100 psi)
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 15 mm (1/2" compression inlet connection)
  • Protection Class: IP24
  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 200 x 285 x 100
  • Complies under TUV, CB, CCC, CE, UL, BEAB

Free installation service and materials within Metro Manila and selected areas.


Dimensions: 245 mm × 108 mm × 298 mm