BlueWave 405 Shower Heater, 5.5kW, Thermostatic, Chrome accessories

Deluxe Thermostatic Single Point / Shower Heater with Chrome shower head set

The Blue Wave 405 brings the Inverter logic to instant water heating technology, delivering significant electricity savings  compared to any other conventional instant heater in the market. The intelligent thermostatic feature makes sure to use only the required power to provide the desired temperature, whatever the flow of water. 

Thermostatic Technology for better energy efficiency and consistent shower

Thermostatic technology is built in the Blue Wave 405, the smartest instant heater in the market available today. With its advanced user interface, you can precisely select your desired output water temperature. The heater adjusts its energy use just to give you your desired water. While higher flow of water means more power is needed to maintain temperature, the 5.5kw high capacity gives more than enough power to reach desired temperature for most applications. But at slower and more conventional flow rate, power savings increase dramatically.


  • Fully automated operation
  • Electronic Stop/Start Control
  • Large LCD Display shows output temperature and shower duration
  • Thermostatic Temperature Control
  • Touch Control
  • 4 Memory Settings
  • Phased Shut Down Timer protects against overheating
  • Pressure switch activated
  • Flow Control for better temperature control
  • IP-X4 Splash Proof
  • Double thermostat: automatic cut-off at 52°C, manual cut-off at 80°C
  • Replaceable heating element
  • Variable temperature settings configurable by desired temperature
  • 4x Spray-adjustable Chrome Shower head set with slide bar
  • CE Approved


  • Heating Capacity: 5.5 kW @ 220V
  • Circuit Breaker Requirement: 40A
  • Flow Rate: 4 Liters / Minute (1.05 Gallons / Minute) @ 12°C Temp. Rise     
  • Minimum Activating Pressure: 0.3 bar (3.2 psi)
  • Operating Water Pressure: 1 - 7 Bars (14.5 - 100 psi)
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection: 15 mm (1/2" compression inlet connection)