Badu Jet Vogue Counter Swim Unit

A Red Dot Design awardee, Badu Jet Vogue brings elegant design in the world of fitness swimming. The Badu Jet Vogue transforms a section of your pool into a water treadmill designed for the advanced swimmer. Vogue is installed in newly built pools, designed to be an integral, eye-catching piece in your swimming pool.


  • Aqua sport
  • Advanced Swimmer Fitness Training
  • Wave or air bubble bath
  • Underwater massage
  • Endless no-turn swimming

​Additional Features

  • Built-in LED lamp
  • Pneumatic switch for air bubble bath regulation


  • Flow Rate: 54 m3/hr (237 gpm)
  • Electrical: 2.2 kW 1PH 60Hz
  • Class: Premium