Sauna and Steamers

Jet-Flo Sauna and Steamers are the cost-effective means of providing heat to your sauna enjoyment.





Model KW Rating Voltage
JFSNA-4.5 4.5 KW 220 V
JFSNA-6 6.0 KW 220 V
JFSNA-9 9.0 KW 220 V



steamer control

steam lamp


Model KW Rating (KW) Voltage (volts)
JFSTMR-4 4.0 220
JFSTMR-6 6.0 220
JFSTMR-8 8.0 220
JFSTMR-10 10.0 220


Steam Generator Accessories


Mellow and full touch



Stainless steel door with tempered glass


The two aroma oil will bring fragrance

to everywhere in the steam room


For light therapy (20 lights available)