Residential Solar Heat Pump Water Heaters

Fireflux Solar Heat Pump Water Heater is the latest trend in greenbuilding for households.  Conventional solar water heaters harness free solar energy to provide hot water, usually only half of the time.  Heat pump Water Heaters enable the use of solar energy and its residual heat day and night.

In 2006, Amici launched its Firefluxtm line of commercial heat pump water heating system.  This technology uses the heat in the air created by solar energy and transfers it to the water used in showering and bathing.  This technology has rapidly become the direction in commercial heating systems due to its very high efficient operation, its 24-hour availability, and its positive effect to the environment by reducing electric or fossil fuel consumption.  In a span of two years, Amici has installed this system to over 40 commercial establishments with high hot water requirements.

This year, we are making this technology available to residential homeowners with our residential line of Firefluxtm Solar Heat Pump Water Heaters.  Designed with smaller capacities and more affordable installed costs, this technology is the smart choice for you.

Firefluxtm Solar Heat Pump Water Heater Residential Line

How does this work?  Firefluxtm Solar Heat Pump Water Heater (SHPWH) is proven technology using the same mechanical principles as refrigerators and air conditioners to generate hot water from the solar energy in the atmosphere.  Unlike conventional solar panels, Firefluxtm SHPWHs can take residual heat from the atmosphere 24 hours a day, 365 days a year because it does not require direct contact with sunlight.

Heating water is one of the common major contributors to your electricity bill.  SHPWH save up to 75% of operational costs compared to electric heaters.  With the continuous increase in energy prices, investing in this system can reduce household electricity costs dramatically.


Fireflux Solar Heat Pump
Heating Capacity 4.7 kW
Rated Power Input 1.2 kW
Electrical Supply 220V/1PH/60Hz
Cabinet Material Powder Coated Steel
Heat Exchanger Double Wall
Circulator Brass Integral
Refrigerant R417A
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 930 x 350 x 550
A.O. Smith Calorifier
50 Gallons (54" x 20.5") EES-50 / ECT-52
80 Gallons (58" x 24.5") EES-80 / ECT-80
Inner Tank Glass Lined
Insulation Meeting / Exceeding ASHRAE Standards
Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve ASME Rated
Other Standards UL Listed

Guaranteed Savings:

In Solar Flat Collectors, the energy that can be saved is limited by the duration by which sunlight directly heats the solar panels.  Firefluxtm Solar Heat Pumps however uses refrigeration technology to force free heat from the infinitely vast atmosphere into your showers day and night.  This allows Firefluxtm Solar Heat Pumps to produce almost 20 times more hot water from solar heat compared to a conventional single panel solar heater.