Greasly-2 Grease Interceptor

Greasly-2 is manufactured of polyethylene material which is corrosion-proof, light to transport and quick to install. Great stiffness of the separator body is achieved due to the advanced design and special ribbed structure.



  • Rigid construction due to advanced design.

  • Quick to install since there are no concrete works required.

  • Integrated sludge trap.

  • Easy to transport due to low weight.

  • Telescopic maintenance shaft for adjustment of the lid flush with the ground surface (adjustment range is 200 mm).

  • Integrated ladder providing easy and safe access into the tank.


Flow Rate: 2

A, mm: 1500

A1, mm: 1310

A2, mm: 1240

OD, mm: 1300

DN, mm: 160

Weight: 148 kg