Water Heating

Water Heaters

Water heating has many applications in the residential, commercial and industrial market.  For the residential users, hot water is used for comfortable shower, bath, and even swimming, as well as drinking purposes.  In the commercial market, water heating is used for dish washing and laundry, for the pool and spa.  In the industrial market, the use of hot water can be a vital processing step in a factory production.

Water heaters can be classified in how hot water is produced and in how or when hot water is distributed or used.  Hot water can be produced using electricity through heating elements, by burning gas or diesel  to produce heat, by utilizing solar energy through solar panels or collectors, or by pumping heat from the air or geothermal sources via heat pumps.  Generated hot water can then be used right after production as is the case in instantaneous or tankless heaters, or it can be stored in hot water tanks for later use.  Finally, the water heating system can be designed for single point of use, or multiple point-of-use.

Our complete line of water heaters is the broadest in the Philippines, allowing us to cater to our customers' best interests in selecting their heating solutions.  We assist our customers in choosing the right heaters for their needs and budgets, presenting unbiased analyses of options available in the market, providing computer aided designs of plumbing works and installations, and recommending products that maximize return of investments for our customers.