A. O. Smith S7 Water Purifier

A. O. Smith S7: The 7 Stages of Purity

A. O. Smith’s S7 purifier uses 7 stages of purification that ensures the complete safety of your drinking water. It removes heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and disease-causing microorganisms. And with its mineralizing technology, it balances the pH level and adds essential minerals back to your drinking water.

Product Type : Dispenser

Suitable for TDS levels : Up to 2,000 ppm

Suitable for hardness level : Up to 500 ppm

Pre-Filter : Yes

Sediment Filter : Yes

Pre-Carbon Filter : Yes

Side stream RO Membrane : Yes

MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) : Yes

Silver Advanced Post Carbon : Yes

SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology) : Yes

Large Storage Capacity : 9 Litres

Auto Flushing : Yes

Advance Digital Display : Yes

Twin Advance Alert : For Sediment+Pre-Carbon and RO membrane+other filters change

Tank overflow protection : Yes

Leakage Sensors : Yes

Product Dimensions (HxDxW) : 490H x 329D x 315W

Pressure Rating : 7 psi to 30 psi

Power-Rating (Max.) : 48 Watts

Heating Element Wattage : N/A

Percent of Recovery : Up to 30%