A. O. Smith ADR75-V-ET-1 Water Purifier

With its elegant design, this floor standing water purifier can fit both in your home or an office. So you can enjoy your favorite coffee hot or cold.

Product type: Floor-standing

Capacity/day: 75 GPD (284L/Day)

Dimensions ( HxDxW ): 1220 x 420 x 380

Supply Water Pressure: 14.5 psi - 50 psi

5 stages filter: PP 5 μm+GAC+ PP1μm + 75G side stream + PAC+UV


• A. O. Smith’s floor-standing water purifier with firm and elegant design is the best for drinking water for your family and office

• Patented RO-Side Stream membrane with highest recovery of water It can reduce at least 56% of waste water, increase 66% of pure water output and prolong RO lifetime by 1.5 times traditional RO

• Hot, Cold and Room temperature drinking water