Tankless Purifiers

What are Tankless Purifiers?

As the name suggests, these are RO purifiers without a tank for water storage. A common RO purifier operates in a “filter-store-consume” process, while a tankless purifier operates in a “filter-consume” process. Immediacy is its key difference from your usual RO purifier.

Tankless purifiers are also called “Direct Flow” purifiers, which has water that flows directly from the tap to the tankless purifier so you can immediately consume pure drinking water.

Advantages of Tankless Purifiers

Space Efficient

Without a bulky and space-consuming tank for storage, tankless purifiers can easily fit under your sink. This is perfect for homes that have limited space.

Saves Time

You immediately get pure drinking water.

Saves energy

Pure water is only made when you actually need it.

Muli-membrane Filtration

It has multiple membranes to effectively filter water directly from your faucet.

How does it work?

Tankless RO purifiers work just like your usual RO purifiers. But without the huge bulky tanks. Water passes through a membrane which filters impurities, microorganisms, and contaminants. But with tankless RO purifiers, instead of a single RO membrane, it passes through multiple membranes.