Bio-UV IBP Commercial UV Sterilizer

For domestic drinking water, the IBP series is well-suited for small communities and homeowners since it makes clean water that comes from local drinkable resources. It can also make recycled rainwater safe for drinking.

The IBP series kills 99.9% of the micro-organisms present in the water and there are no disinfection by-products that are harmful to human health.

The physico-chemical characteristics of the water aren’t modified by the IBP series so there's no change in the taste and smell. It can also be combined with other treatment processes such as softening and filtration.


  • Excellent disinfecting performance by optimization of UV emissions and hydraulic flow
  • Compact reactors, easy to install
  • Use of single-base lamps, patented sealing system and vertical design for an easy maintenance
  • Optional UV sensor and monitor offering data reporting by a diode and contact type alarm
  • Lamp life optimized: 13,000 hours depending on the number of switchings on