Pool Chlorine Guide


For new or newly refilled pools, add 10 oz. of chlorine per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  Then run the filtration system for 24 hours.  Adjust ph to 7.4 - 7.6 and test for chlorine residual.  Do not allow bathers to swim when chlorine residual is above 2.00 PPM.  Then simply follow the chlorine dosage shown below.


Should pool water appear cloudy or dirty, then add 20 oz. of chlorine concentrate per 10,000 gallons, allowing the pool filter to run so as to turn the pool water over in the pool.  This process should be repeated until the pool water is clear and sparkling.  Normal chlorination is not necessary during this process.  Do not allow bathers when chlorine residual is over 2.00 PPM.

Daily Dosage
Pool Capacity (In US Gallons) Unstabilized Pool Water Stabilized Pool Water
5,000 1/8 kg 1/16 kg
10,000 1/6 kg 1/12 kg
15,000 ¼ kg 1/8 kg
20,000 2/5 kg 1/5 kg
25,000 ½ kg ¼ kg
50,000 1 kg ½ kg