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2020 amici catalog

We have revised our catalog to include more residential and commercial products, expanding all our product segments especially the water and air treatment section with more water purifiers, water softeners, UV, and deep bed filters, and air purifiers. This revision now includes commercial heaters, commercial pool robots and more pool sanitizers, and more. Check out our new catalog now to discover more ways water can make life better.

Download our 2020 Water Products Catalog.


We’re reintroducing our residential products catalog with a lot of changes, and the theme is what our residential customers need: convenience, choice, and answers. For water heating, hybrid heat pumps have never been more affordable. For pumps, we are expanding the lineup, as well as showcasing energy saving Inverter pump options. For swimming pool, we’ve updated our Intellipro pumps and Dolphin robots line up. We’re also introducing A. O. Smith Water Purifiers, a no-nonsense and affordable solution to drinking water safety.

Download Amici Residental Catalog here!

Front cover of 2015 water heater catalog

We've launched our 2015 water heating solutions catalog. This features A. O. Smith, BlueWave, Atmor water heaters. Major changes include more detailed information on each instant heater and hybrid water heater models. Commercial water heaters are also included in this version.

Amici Water Systems 2012 Catalog

Our 6th edition of our Amici Water Systems' Product Catalog was released in 2012. This release was a major change in that it is now primarily focused on our residential water products. We have removed several commercial product pages from the catalog while at the same time expanding the catalog to 60 pages.

Major additions include the addition of A. O. Smith Voltex hybrid heat pump heaters, an expanded instant water heater page, a new lineup in swimming pool pumps including Sta-Rite's Intelliflo VFD pump and Badu Jet water treadmill, A. O. Smith pump tanks, as well as alternative economical water pumps and accessories

Download our 2012 Product Catalog here.

The 5th edition of Amici Water Systems' Product Catalog was released early this year.  Among the many changes in this edition is the Going-Go-Green feature highlighting green technologies that improve on environmental and energy efficiencies. 

Major revisions in our Water Heating section are the addition of McQuay Templifiers, A.O. Smith solar heaters and Atmor instant water heaters.   Our Pool and Spa section received an expanded accessories showcase.  We added fountain lights and nozzles as well as chlorinators and inline solar collectors to our line up.  We've also made corrections, especially in our spa installation guide.

Download our 2010 Product Catalog here.


Amici Water Systems has been experiencing tremendous growth over the years, expanding our product line and national coverage to better position our company to serve our customers' water products requirements.  In line with this, we started publishing our own product catalog in 2005.

Now at our 4th edition, our 2008 Product Catalog featured a number of changes over the previous edition.  Content-wise, we added a commentary on the direction of the water heating industry in the Philippines, as well as expanding on our Sta-Rite Pool Products and reducing our Jacuzzi pool products.  We also added an easier-to-use conversion table for our customers' convenience.  Design-wise, we used page color coding to subdivide our catalog into four sections, instead of the previous image backgrounds that made our past catalog a little more difficult to read.  Our covers, though, are almost a copy of the previous couple of years, due to time constraint.

The cover image is a high-vantage photograph of the busy Makati center, released into the public domain.  It was edited using GIMP, an open source raster photo editor.  We used the open source vector drawing program Inkscape to draw our graphics and traced logos.  Finally, the whole catalog is compiled under Draw, which we also used to export our catalog to PDF format.

2008 Product Catalog

We hope that you can find our product catalog useful.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our offices.