System Installation

Our technical products range from small Do-It-Yourself shower heaters and residential jet pumps to large industrial systems of solar panels, heat pumps and chillers, heat exchangers, calorifiers and fire pump and jockey pump system.

We have installed and commissioned various commercial systems, including constant pressure systems, fire pump and jockey systems, water treatment systems, and complex solar and heat pump water systems for major hotels, hospitals, and other well-known commercial establishments.   These include well known establishments such as EDSA Shangrila, Manila Ocean Park's H2O Hotel, Quezon City General Hospital, Hotel Bellevue in Alabang, Lewis Grand Hotel in Angeles City, Subic Baypoint Hotel in Zambales, SM Radisson Hotel and Grand Cenia Hotel in Cebu, Sheridan Beach Resort in Palawan, Mallberry Hotel in Cagayan de Oro, Mandarin Island Hotel in Boracay, and various Victoria, Sogo and Eurotel hotels all around Luzon.

If you require assistance in the proper installation of our equipment, we provide system installation service and supervisory assistance during commissioning of our commercial water heaters, pumps, and other products.