Pool Construction Training

Last February 4, Amici held an in-house training session for our sales team and service crew about pool construction at the nearby Chowking Banawe branch.  Our instructor was Mr. Bipin Gangadharan, Pentair's Manager of Pool and Spa in Southeast Asia.

The training focused on the proper sizing and installation of pool pump and filters, as well as other equipment used in swimming pool construction and maintenance.   Mr. Gangadharan tackled topics like pool volume calculation, turnover, pipe sizing, head loss, filtration.  He also gave a basic run-through of actual pool construction, from excavation to the installation of fittings.

This is our first among several planned in-house training for 2009.  In pursuance of technical excellency and leadership, we have been continuously revamping our training program for in-house employee development since the past two years.  With successful training, we hope to serve our clients even better.