Fairbanks Morse UL/FM Approved Fire Pump Product Presentation

Last July 29, 2009, Amici Water Systems, in coordination with Pentair, held a product presentation on Fairbanks Morse UL/FM Fire Pumps.  Fairbanks Morse, part of Pentair Group, is one of the leading brands of UL/FM Approved fire pump in the Philippines.  Fire pumps are used to drive large volume of water to fire sprinkler systems in case of emergency fire protection.  During the product presentation, Amici was formally introduced as one of its authorized dealers.

The product presentation was held in Max's Restaurant, Quezon Ave. branch from 6:00 to 9:00p.m.  Pentair Group's Regional Manager, Mr. Edwin Kahn, P.E., introduced to more than 50 plumbing professionals, consultants, engineers and contractors Fairbanks Morse's wide range of pump product lines.  Fairbanks Morse products include vertical in-line pumps, horizontal and vertical split-case pumps and vertical turbine pumps.