100 Hotels Installed with Amici's Heat Pump Water Heating System

Amici Water Systems held our 100 Hotels Appreciation night in February 12, 2013 at the Manila ballroom of Makati Shangrila Hotel. We featured during the event our 100 Hotels magazine that features the more than 100 hotels we've installed our energy saving heat pump water heaters. Below features the foreword of said magazine:

Amici did not start with the hotels and hospitality market in 1976. Instead, we built ourselves in residential water pumps and systems.  Through the years, we've been steadfastly making sure ordinary people like you or me have water at our homes.  We've understood what it's like not to have water at home.  We've understood water.

Fast forwarding the 35 years, Amici has become the biggest name in commercial water heating in the Philippines.  Since successfully introducing heat pump water heaters 7 years ago as the energy efficient standard for commercial water heating, we have fostered the growth of heat pump technology and seen it overtake every other segment of commercial water heating products.

We were lucky in a sense that we focused on energy saving at the right time, when more people were just starting to become more conscious of energy conservation and savings.  But those seven years of pushing for efficient water heating came with great efforts and costs.  

We've struggled through the growing pains of learning and applying new technologies, experiencing technical and management hurdles from the very start.  We kept on, however, and made custom solutions for our clients.  We've gone through our share of holiday works, road trips and plane travels.  We've put engineering theory to practice to solve unusual scenarios.  And we've grown from a laid back team of 20 not ten years ago to a capable and ready roster of 200 personnel nationwide, complete with customer service, logistics, supply chain, project management, engineering, IT, audit, and training teams.

We know we've made mistakes, but through it all, we've adapted and performed.  We know what it means for commercial establishments not to have hot water.  We know water, and we're still learning, innovating, and loving it.

We are celebrating big numbers -- tens or hundreds of thousands of people expecting five star quality hot water from more than 100 hotels using our heat pump water heaters, saving millions of pesos yearly, saving the earth from more than 10,000 tons of carbon emissions yearly.

At 100 hotels, we are the experts.  No one else here comes close.