Bowling Games Eliminations 2012


The opening day of the bowling sports fest was a huge success with Amici Mercantile Inc. being proud to present invited companies to bring forth their best bowling athletes. PSME Makati (1,723), Araneta Center Inc. (1,650), and DCCD (1,606) dominated Saturday's qualifying games held last September 22, 2012 at the Playdium Bowling Arena.


Hans Angping of PSME Makati earned the top seed after 2 games with a total of 404 (202 average), followed by Rudolph Go of Grabtech with 376 (188), Ed Cabanatan of PSME Makati with 370 (185), Al Baldemor of PSME Makati with 366 (183), Serrano of Filinvest with 337 (169), Gloan Mag-isa of Genesis Plumbing with 330 (165), Rory Leyso of PSME Makati with 328 (164), Mon Bellosillo of Integrated Contractors with 314 (157), Gary Apilado of DCCD with 306 (153), Tom Yusingco of Araneta Center Inc. with 304 (152), and Carmi Handig of Araneta Center Inc. with 301 (151).


The first batch of companies to participate for this year’s bowling event was composed of PSME Makati (1,723), DCCD (1,606), TCGI (1,406), Meinhardt (1,098), NBF (1,043), and Dave Castro (1,027) with their respective scores.



Leading the charge was PSME Makati where they have clenched the top seed for the finals with 73 point lead against ranked #2 team Araneta Center Inc. with a score of 1,723 and 1,650 respectively. Event lead scorer Hans Angping (PSME) posted 404 points with his 5 strikes in a row plus a double strike in the final set followed by a spare. But Hans did not do it alone, 2 of the PSME athletes, namely Al Baldemor (366) and Ed Cabanatan (370), finished strong making 3 PSME athletes into the 5 Top performers of the day.



TCGI ranked #8 into the finals with their 1406 points with help from Arth Barrameda scoring 297 and Fel Medina with 293. The well balanced team played their heart out and with their 2 MVPs they now hold the top 8 position out of 20 teams that competed.


DCCD has made it to the finals with big help from their most consistent player Gary Apilado with a team high of 168 points on the first game while backed up by Tristan Mannag’s triple strike in the 2nd game to help them take a 1606 advantage over the rest of the field placing them 3rd overall.



Meindhardt scored 1,098 ranking them 13th with the help of their top scorer Jovit Villamin (194) giving them their first double strike on the first round on the final set and helped by Nelson Sumang (216). Team NBF came out of the competition with a score of 1,043 giving them the 17th spot carried by Aldrien Dulay (216) and Dories De Castro (188) and finally Team Dave Castro with 1,027 for the 19th seed backed by Wowie Herrera (233) and Iffer De Guzman (206).



Comprising the second batch were Grabtech (1,523), Genesis Plumbing (1,429), Integrated Contractors (1,373), FR Sevilla (1,217), Jan Owen Martin (1,080), and Beta Electric (938).


Rudolph Go of Grabtech got off to a strong start with 3 consecutive strikes and a spare during the first game. While he consistently continued through the second game, earning him a total of 376 points. The rest of the team, Aurora Go (261), Jeffrey Cariaga (241), Vanessa Alma Borja (226), Michael Li (210), and Felimon Ramos (209), helped to earn the team a total of 1,523 points.


Gloan Mag-isa with 330 points started a steady game and sped off at the middle through the second round. Genesis Plumbing steadied their score 1,429 through players Luisito (259), Ferdinand, and Raffy.



Placing at the 9th spot, Integrated Contractors (1,373) backed by Mon Bellosillo (314) which opened the first game with 3 strikes, a spare, and another strike, Lhot Legaspi (261), Paolo Bellosillo (245) and Noel Austria (237).



FR Sevilla ranked 11th with the help of their top seeder Gary Peras with 243 points. Jan Owen Martin bagged the 15th place, topped by Romy with 257 points. While, Beta Electric hit 20th place, led by Aileen Isagani with 208 points.



Last, but definitely not the least of the batches, were Araneta Center Inc. (1,650), Filinvest, Ecolab (1,565), Rockwell (1,243), Kings (1,168), Transflow (1,083), Amici (1,073), and Thermovar (1,038).


Zooming at the last batch was Araneta Center Inc., placing 2nd overall, through great plays performed by Tom and Carmi. Tom had 7 strikes overall, while Cami had 4.



Meanwhile Filinvest bagged the 4th place through performances done by Serrano, who had 8 strikes, overall.



Coming at 6th place was Ecolab, boosted by the whole team, Joy Porcalla with 252 points, Manny Tiongson with 252 points, John Mayor with 247 points, Mitch Evangelista with 245 points, Lito Camarce with 243 points, and Omar Acosta with 222 points.


Rockwell, Kings, Transflow, Amici, and Thermovar placed 10th, 14th, 16th and 18th respectively. Hector Valensoy of Rockwell with 243 points, Alex Bongalbal of Kings with 251 points, Mike Tayo of Transflow with 245 points, Greg Amista of Amici with 248 points, and Jonathan Palanca of Thermovar with 203 points were leaders of their respective groups.



Nine teams, namely: PSME Makati, Araneta Center Inc., DCCD, Filinvest Alabang, Grabtech, Ecolab, Genesis Plumbing, TCGI, and Integrated Contractors secured spots for the championship to be held on September 29, 2012 at the Playdium Bowling Arena from 1:00pm until 7:00pm.