A.O. Smith BTH Cyclone LPG Water Heaters Now Energy Star Certified

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified A. O. Smith's ground-breaking high efficiency Cyclone gas water heaters under their ENERGY STAR program.

The ENERGY STAR program promotes energy efficient electrical appliances and computer equipment.  While high efficiency A.O. Smith residential water heaters have already been certified under ENERGY STAR for several years already, high recovery gas-fired water heaters have only been considered for ENERGY STAR this year.  With at least 94% thermal efficiency, the BTH Cyclone has added ENERGY STAR to its least of awards and certifications over the past 15 years.

Other A. O. Smith products under ENERGY STAR include the the Voltex Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters, GCF High Efficiency Residential Gas Heaters, Cirrex Solar Water Heaters, and XP Up-to-99% Efficient Hot Water Boilers.

A.O. Smith is the largest water heater manufacturer in America.  For more information on A.O. Smith, visit www.hotwater.com.