Bowling Tournament 2013

By: Tobit Vergara


Quezon City – A loud roar of pins being hit by the dashing bowling ball were heard from SM Bowling Center at SM North EDSA Annex last November 9, 2013 for the Bowling Tournament spearheaded by Amici Mercantile Inc.


Companies who participated at this joyous event were Alpa Plumbing, Amici, Araneta Center, Beta Electric, DCCD, DCI, DMCI Homes, Filinvest, GPI / Guevarra Partners, Grabtech, Integrated Contractor, Jan Owen, Makati Development, Meinhardt, NBF, Nouvac, Westwind, PSME, San Miguel, Shinryo, TBS Industrial, Thermovar, Transflow and Wavetech.


“This will be a lopsided tournament. PSME will win this.” according to some spectators.


Every ball dropped from the arched arm was crucial for every team since in this tournament, each team does not only compete with others, but with themselves as well. As the tournament progressed, anchors stepped up as they were the highest scorers for each team. Other members tried to help their teams by committing less errors and scoring as much as possible.


Top seven (7) teams advanced to the finals in which they had the higher scores among twenty-three (23) teams. These teams were as follows: PSME, Grabtech, Araneta Center, DMCI Homes, Integrated Contractor, DCCD and Shinryo.


Strikes from different teams were displayed by the anchors as they paved way to a very intense game. Everybody showed excellent perseverance as they scored at the highest level possible.


As fatigue was experienced by the competitors, each team had errors they never expected. From balls falling to the cannals and pins unfinsihed, competitors showed their mortal side.


One stood out from the crowd, PSME. They shot nearly with perfection as they rolled their way to the top team in the finals. From strike to spare, PSME executed what they were known for; perfection at its best.


Performing with excellence and executing at their best, PSME strived their way to the champion's circle. For the best male player Hans Angpin had a whopping 407 points at the end of the finals. On the other hand, Grace Roces was the best woman player for the event with 326 points. Araneta Center finished with a score of 1107 and grabbed the 1st Runner up and Grabtech took the 2nd Runner up as they scored 971.


Bowlers will be bowlers but hardwork displayed is much more worth it. Everything comes into hardwork and PSME showed it perfectly.