A. O. Smith Ashland City Plant earns Green Star Award

A. O. Smith's Ashland, Tennessee plant was recently awarded 2013 Chairman's Green Star award for its implementation of green initiatives in resource conservation and reduction of wastes.

With almost 14 hectares of area and over 1000 employees, the Ashland plant is one of the largest water heater plants in the world. It manufactures ProMax electric heaters, residential gas heaters as well as the Cyclone BTH high efficiency gas heaters, among many others. It competes every year with over 15 A. O. Smith facilities worldwide for best overall improvements in sustainability.

Efficiency improvements made at the plant last year include

  • "Reverse cascading" approach to the four stage tank washer, reducing detergent user and cutting water usage about 36%
  • Use of high efficiency electric motors on conveyors and equipment, and low-watt lighting that automatically shuts down during inactive times, reducing electricity usage by nearly 20%
  • Active participation by employees to regularly shut down equipment at the end of their shifts
  • Reduction in natural gas consumption by 12%
  • Recycling of over 11,000 tons of steel, over 960 tons of other materials, almost 22,000 gallons of spent solvent, and $50,000 savings each year through reuse of wooden pallets

A. O. Smith focuses not just on building the most energy efficient water heaters in the world, but also in identifying and executing energy and waste reduction in its own facilities. With this company wide efforts for corporate social responsibility, A. O. Smith is adapting itself as a global leader amidst the world environmental issues.