Amici 2015 Water Heater Catalog

Front cover of 2015 water heater catalog

We've spinned off our water heating product line from our catalog, and expanded it to provide our customers, consultants, and contractors and engineers more detailed information on our water heaters.

Download the largest water heater catalog in the Philippines now.  For other catalogs, check out our product catalog page.


In 2005, Amici started a water heating revolution in the Philippines. We introduced the innovative Fireflux heat pump water heaters for the commercial market. These heat pump water heaters utilize ambient air to economically and efficiently produce hot water. The market shifted from boilers, skipping solar heating for heat pump heating, and never looked back.

Now, 10 years after, Amici is again ready to lead water heating technology further, this time in your homes and the residential market. For instant heating, we have introduced Atmor Thermostatic heaters that modulate electrical use to minimum needed for an enjoying bath. Even more important, our A. O. Smith lineup of hybrid water heaters is finally complete. We now have a range from 20 gallons suitable for condominiums up to 120 gallons for large homes and commercial establishments.  These two key drivers deliver savings, intelligence, and experience not available from competitors.

In the commercial front, we have brought the next evolution in A. O. Smith's award winning Cyclone gas water heaters, the MXi series. The MXi series delivers energy modulating technology previously available only to the most expensive gas boilers.

We also recognize that even more important than technology is you, our customer. We are listening and we are continuously improving our services. We have a dedicated Customer Service Team ready to assist to ensure your water heater works. We have established Preventive Maintenance Team that monitors and maintains the long term quality and effectiveness of our products. We have introduced standardized toolkits that reduce service turnaround times. To deliver satisfying projects, we have improved our project team structures and standardized on processes. We are also rolling out a revamped structure for our provincial offices that focuses on customer satisfaction.

We do not stop there. Every issue becomes an opportunity for improvement. We strive to provide better customer experience, so you can experience water for better life.