The Advantages of Using an Electric Water Heater

When heating water in the household, it consumes plenty of electricity which accounts for 12 percent of the overall energy consumption every day. That’s why it’s critical to know the type of water heater that you’ll install since there are plenty of options available in the market today.

But an electric water heater is still one of the best options for residential water heating since it has many advantages when compared to the typical gas heating system. Here are some of the reasons why a household should lean towards using an electric type instead of a gas type.  

Better performance

Looking through the lens of efficiency, an electric water heater like the Atmor Thermoboost wins hands down against gas heaters thanks to its Smart Thermostatic Technology.

In order to know the efficiency of a water heater, the energy factors (EF) should be taken into account. This is how a water heater is evaluated on how much electricity or fuel is used to produce hot water.

A lot of energy is wasted during the venting process utilized by gas water heaters, but this problem doesn’t exist when you use an electric heater.  

Accessibility of the product

Almost every house is now connected to an electric power grid which means an abundant supply of electricity is available. This makes a household more perfectly suited for using an electric water heater instead of a gas type.  

Safety concerns

Gas and electric water heaters both have safety issues, but the gas types are more prone to danger since gas leaks are a common occurrence. Meanwhile, the electric type of heater is a lot safer to use because they don’t need constant inspection for safety concerns.  

Reduced costs

When it comes to affordability, the electric water heater is the best choice for many households because gas water heaters need a new ventilation system and additional piping upon installation. The electric type has a much simpler installation process which makes it a cheaper and hassle-free option.