Amici Product Catalog Updated for 2020

cover of 2020 catalog

We have updated our Product Catalog for 2020. The new version covers most of our residential products as well as including key commercial products like our much older catalogs. 

The biggest change in the catalog is the expansion of our water and air treatment line. We're including more under-the-sink options for water purifiers as well as advanced point-of-entry water softeners and UV systems. The catalog also features A. O. Smith air purifiers to be launched later this year. A. O. Smith air purifiers improve the indoor air quality so people can enjoy cleaner air at homes, offices, hotels or hospitals.

For water heating, we've added back commercial water heater products. Having the residential and commercial heaters in one catalog gives engineers and consultants a wider view of their options when customizing solutions for their projects.

For pool and spa division, we've now included Maytronics' commercial pool cleaners. These robots have been helping hotels clean their pools and fountains where doing manual cleaning is difficult to do consistently and efficiently. We've also added Ozone Swim ozone generators and Mineral Swim, a healthy combination to simplify getting the clearest pools with much less chemicals.

For pumps and tanks, we've added some commercial pumps as well as budget friendly residential pumps. There are a lot of pump products not covered by the catalog due to their sheer number and customizability, so if you need specific solutions, let us know.

Download our product catalog now.