DOLE DO 224-21 provides guidelines on ventilation for workplaces to help control the spread of COVID-19

The Department of Labor and Employment published on March 3, 2021 the Department Order 224-21 which provides guidelines on ventilation for workplaces and public transport to help control the spread of COVID-19. The new guidelines reiterate the need for adequate ventilation for all commercial and industrial establishments and other indoor work areas.

Recommendations for non-airconditioned spaces include increased use of natural ventilation through doors and windows, use of exhaust fans to increase air change rate of 6-12 air changes per hour, factoring air flow direction in workstation layout to manage the movement of airborne droplets, and regular cleaning of windows and fans. If intake air is polluted or inadequate, fans and air-conditioning systems are needed.

For air-conditioned spaces, recommended strategies include running the ventilation system for 30 minutes before and after spaces are occupied, adequate use of exhaust fans to dilute air, use of MERV13 and HEPA filters with air conditioning equipment, keeping the louvers of air conditioners in an upward position, and proper cleaning and maintenance of air conditioners and fans. Where access to outside air is inadequate, air purifiers with HEPA filters are important to clean recirculated air.

Employers of establishments are responsible for maintaining safe indoor air quality through qualitative and quantitative assessments and ensuring adequate air changes per hour.

At Amici, we consider the safety of our employees and customers of utmost importance. We have been using high capacity A. O. Smith air purifiers with MERV17 HEPA and active carbon filters to clean the air continuously. We also use UV disinfection to clean surfaces after office hours.

Commercial establishments such as dental clinics, restaurants, hotels and offices can lower the risks of COVID-19 spreading by following DOLE guidelines and ventilation standards. Recommended air changes per hour depend on the usage of the space. Below are general recommendations based on American standards:

Recommended Air Changes Per Hour
Application ACH
Business offices 6-8
Conference Rooms 8-12
Restaurants 8-10
Bars 15-20
Retail Stores 6-10
Hallways 6-8
Dental Clinics 10


Amici can help commercial establishments with proper sizing of air purifiers to improve workplace safety. We recommend adequate Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) based on the required air changes, without the use of negative ions, UV or ozone which can cause re-pollution. We also recommend MERV17 or HEPA H13 standard for air filters. While MERV13 captures up to 75% of air particles sized 0.3 to 1.0 microns, MERV17 and H13 capture 99.97% and 99.95% respectively.

Aside from portable HEPA air purifiers, we also supply large capacity HEPA filter units from Saiver that can be used to convert rooms to negative pressure isolation rooms for healthcare facilities as well as surface disinfection equipment from Bio-UV France using UV and ozone technologies.