2008-09-13 Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival

In the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival, Amici Mercantile Inc. celebrated it with the Chinese tradition of the Mooncake game of "Pua Tiong Chiu" last September 13, 2008 morning.  The event started out with the basics: an introduction to the Mooncake Festival, followed by an explanation of the rules of the game.

Most Amici employees were not accustomed to the the simple dice game of luck, but in the end, everyone had fun and his or her share of prizes.  Players rolling the die during their turns were excited to get winning dice combinations, and onlookers were all anxious to see and announce the roll outcomes.  Some were surprisingly lucky getting a lot of big prizes, but there were also some dismayed with their lack of lucky rolls.  All in all, it was a successful event.  People were happy with their take home prizes, sharing not only the spirit of friendship but also their share of chocolates, cookies, and chips.

Only after more than a half of the prizes have been won already was there finally a really lucky first prize roller.  Our technician Mr. Sancho Manrique rolled a first prize combination of four 4s, one 5, and a 2.  The odds of rolling that combination is 1/1296.  When all the prizes have finally been won, Sancho's winning combination remained the only roll eligible for the first prize cash.  Unchallenged, he emerged the winner.

With a successful first Mooncake Festival for the Amici family, everyone appears to be looking forward not only to win more on next year's Mooncake festival, but also to enjoy camaraderie throughout the rest of the activities planned this year.