"Sta-Rite Pool Products Introduction"

Pentair Water Pool and Spa, home to Pentair Pool Products and Sta-Rite brands, is the world leader in pool and spa equipment and accessories.  Amici has been partnering with Sta-Rite for over the last few years.  Last April 25, 2008, Amici and Sta- Rite organized a seminar entitled “Sta-Rite Pool Products Introduction” at Max's Restaurant, Quezon Avenue for invited pool contractors, architects and engineers.

Sta-Rite Manager of Pool and Spa in Southeast Asia, Mr. Bipin Gangadharan, flew in from Thailand to grace the event.  He introduced the different pool products of Sta-Rite, quite a few notable ones sampled during the event.   He high-lighted several innovative products including the Intellichlor salt chlorinator and the Intellipro Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) pool pumps.   The Intellichlor salt chlorinator is used to replace regular supply of expensive chlorine with regular table salt for pool disinfection, providing long term savings and convenience.  The Intellipro VFD pool pump is a state-of-the-art pool pump able to provide power from 1/2 to 4 horsepower, automatically adjusting itself just for the required power.  This ensures energy saving and environmentally friendly operation.  Also sampled in the event were the Max-E-Therm LPG pool heater, the Pool Shark automatic vacuum cleaner, and Sta-Rite's cartridge filters.

Mr. Gangadharan further talked about pool hydraulics, sizing and selection of equipment, and achieving a properly balanced pool chemistry.

The seminar, attended by over 40 pool contractors, architects and engineers, aimed to introduce Sta-Rite's newest pool product lines and increase awareness on the different equipments available.  It created an opportunity for the guests to have in depth knowledge on pool chemistry and hydraulics.

Amici Mercantile Inc. has come a long way in sales and marketing of its pool products.  Based on its first pool seminar for the year, Amici definitely made the right choice in partnering with Sta-Rite for its world class quality and performance.