ACO Southeast Asia is a new entity that can focus on SEA

ACO Southeast Asia is a new entity that can focus on SEA

ACO established ACO SEA, a new entity to improve state-of-the-art drainage in Southeast Asian countries.

ACO Group, a global leader in drainage with over 1 billion EUR in revenue met with team Amici last January 10, 2023.

Adrian Lau, the manager for ACO Southeast Asia, presented the whole line of ACO products that might benefit the Philippine market. He discussed everything from outdoor drainage to hygienic kitchen solutions and grease management, to shower drains and stormwater management.

Mr. Lau strongly emphasized the usage of the ACO Grease Capture Unit. It is a unique grease management system that provides outstanding Fats oils and grease (FOG) removal efficiency due to its unique two chamber separation and coalescence gap system.

Amici started working with ACO in 2021 to market in the Philippines their automated centralized grease separators for large buildings and commercial kitchens. 

Amici’s priority focus product will be ACO centralized grease separator and also considering a product launch for ACO Grease Capture in the Philippines for F&B outlet usage.

Since flooding and drainage problems are a common issue in the Philippines, Amici is looking forward to work with ACO to improve the state of the drainage system in the Philippines.