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For more than 40 years, our business has consistently been about supplying quality water products. We understand how essential water is to our everyday lives.  It is our interest and enjoyment to discover, learn, and implement old and new ways to make the best use of water. Moving water, heating and treating water, or just plain enjoying water, we provide solutions.


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Pioneer of energy-saving heat pump water heaters and other innovative products in the water industry in the Philippines

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Over 40 years in the business of caring for your water, focusing on meeting our customer needs and aspirations.


We typically use chlorine to disinfect pool water. It prevents algae growth and eliminates most disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, while already essential for pool sanitation, the demand for chlorine products has skyrocketed since the pandemic started and eventually resulted in shortages.

It’s necessary to clean the pool water regularly but since there’s a lot of disinfecting chemicals available in the market, choosing between them can be confusing. Pool sanitizers and pool shock may seem like the same thing but they aren’t. Are you confused whether to use sanitizer or shock to keep your water clean and clear? In this article we’ll help you understand the difference between pool sanitizers vs pool shock.

Cleaning your swimming pool is as important as keeping your house in order. Sanitizing your pool water regularly is essential not just for your health but also to ensure your comfort, to protect your equipment, and to save you money by avoiding pool repairs.

With the large volume of water employed by swimming pools for leisure use

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