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We offer electric shower heater for residential bathroom & various commercial hot water heaters

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Eco friendly High-quality water heating systems


Instant Electric Heaters

Atmor Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters, designed according to Israeli standards, supply continuous hot water as needed.  Unlike storage heaters, water is heated only upon use, totally removing standby heat loss, and translating to savings on your electric bill.



Electric Storage Heaters

Regardless of the model, you can be sure it's built on a solid foundation of quality and innovation that has made A.O. Smith water heaters the preferred brand of the professional plumbing contractor high-quality hot water heating systems



Solar Water Heaters

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available,  Solar Heat Pump Water Heater is the latest trend in greenbuilding for households. Solar Heat pump Water Heaters enable the use of solar energy and its residual heat day and night.



Hybrid Water Heaters

Amici offers A. O. Smith hybrid water heaters. Hybrid water heaters integrate the heat pump technology to storage water heaters to bring savings of up to 75% compared to ordinary heaters.  heat pump can get heat day and night, sunny, cloudy or rainy.


Gas-Fired Water Heaters

LPG water heaters are ideal for applications with large hot water requirements


Gas-Fired Tankless Water Heaters

LP gas-fired tankless water heaters are common in Europe, China and increasingly so in the USA. They have the advantages (and disadvantages) of electric instant water heaters, the most common type of heater in the Philippines. It uses LPG as an energy source


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