A.O. Smith SRHN150B Solar Water Heater



For optimal heat absorption and efficiency, A. O. Smith has customized solar technology for Asian climates. The ultimate solar thermal solution for environmentally conscious homeowners.



  • Temperature Controls
  • Blue Diamond™ Tank
  • Blue Diamond™ Element
  • Built In Timer
  • High Density Insulation
  • Patented vacuum casing
  • Curved tubes
  • Fits tubes independently into the header pipe
  • Individual tubes can be removed and replaced without having to decommission the entire system



Power, electric mode (kW):  150

Voltage/frequency (V/Hz):  220~/50

Temperature range (°C): 35 – 75 ± 5

Rated tank, inlet/outlet pressure (MPa):  0.8

Inlet/outlet connection (inches)  : ½

Solar connector area (m²): 2.5

Waterproof grade: IPX4