Maximize Available Pool Comfort Options

Maximize Available Pool Comfort Options

Maximize Available Pool Comfort Options


Pools provide leisure and fun, as well as foster good health by serving as venues for exercise and fitness. Aside from this, it’s a great place to spend time and make new memories with family and friends. Thus, it’s important that our pools are well-maintained to promote health and safety, as well as provide maximum comfort for users. A great way to do this is by utilizing swimming pool heaters and pool pumps.

How Efficient are Pool Pumps and Heaters as an Option for Maximizing Pool Comfort?

When it comes to maintaining pools, it’s important to ensure you have the right tools, such as pool pumps and pool heaters, to maximize pool comfort.

Pool pumps are designed to effectively circulate pool water, which cleans and gets rid of debris and other materials that clog and dilute pools. Furthermore, pool heaters are structured to heat the pool water, making it more comfortable for swimmers despite the changing seasons and erratic weather patterns.

The Function and Importance of Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are one of the key components of a pool, as they pull water from the pool and push it into a machine or piece of equipment that filters and treats the water. Once done, the water that is returned is cleaner.

The Common Types of Pool Pumps

There are different types of pool pumps based on their speed setting. Some of these are:

  • Single-speed Pumps:

    This is the simplest kind of swimming pool jump. This type has no speed setting, which means that if it’s on, it will run at full speed, and dialing the power up or down is not possible.
  • Dual-speed Pumps:

    This is suited for pools with water features, and unlike the single-speed pumps, this one allows users to speed up or speed down. To adjust between two speeds, a separate device, like an automation system is needed. Despite their higher cost, users can benefit from the efficiency of dual-speed pumps.
  • Variable-speed Pumps:

    The speed of these pool pumps can be controlled from high to low and between them. The lower the speed, the less energy is used. Furthermore, this is an energy-efficient pump that is powered by different motors and only uses the amount of power needed by the user.

Maximizing Pool Comfort with Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are considered the heart of the pool system, as they are responsible for the flow of water that circulates the chemicals that sanitize the pool. It also pulls the water from the pool towards the heater, filter, and chlorinator so that before it goes back to the pool, it is already heated, filtered, and sanitized. The following are some of the benefits of pool pumps:

  • Efficient Circulation:

    By pulling the water from the pool to go through different equipment, pool pumps allow the water to circulate, avoiding stagnation that can lead to the growth of algae and the accumulation of dirt, which can cause the pool to be dirty and smelly.
  • Filtration:

    With the presence of efficient pool pumps, the water in the pool can be circulated properly, which means that water is moved through filters to get rid of particles and debris present in the pool. In return, the water returned to the pool is clean and free of unwanted particles.
  • Water Quality:

    Pool pumps are effective tools for attaining good water quality in pools. Specifically, it circulates and filters water, which makes it cleaner. Also, it helps mix the chemicals evenly in the pool and remove contaminants and debris.
  • Noise Levels:

    When used, pool pumps can create noise that can be disturbing not just to those who are using them but also to their neighbors. That’s why you need to make sure you have a pool pump quiet box, keep the debris basket and skimmer clear, clean the impeller, and do other necessary stuff to keep the pool pump from making an intense noise level.
  • Energy-saving Features:

    Modern pool pumps are now designed to be efficient, which helps users save more energy and money without compromising a comfortable swimming experience.

The Function and Importance of Pool Heaters

Pool heaters play an integral function in pools, as their main role is to take water from the pool and bring it to a heating tank, which in turn sends warmer water. The exchange of warm and cold water maintains the temperature of the water, making it comfortable to swim amidst the cold temperature.

The Common Types of Pool Heaters

Pool heaters vary depending on the kind of pool one has and the changing seasons where it is built. That’s why it’s crucial to research what type of heater fits your pool.

  • Gas Heaters:

    This type of pool heater uses natural gas or propane inside the combustion chamber. When the water in the pool circulates with the help of a pump, the water pulled from the pool is filtered and heated. The gas in the combustion chambers heats the water that is returned to the pool.
  • Electric Resistance Heaters:

    By using electric currents, this kind of pool heater is able to heat a metal resistor or a heating element found inside the unit. Basically, when the water passes this heating element, it absorbs the heat, and warmer water goes back to the pool.
  • Solar Heaters:

    Instead of using fuel or an electric heater, solar heaters take advantage of the sun’s energy. This is possible as the water is pumped through a filter and circulated through tubes that transfer the heat from the solar energy collector to the pool water.
  • Heat Pump Pool Heaters:

    This pool heater uses a small amount of electricity to heat the water. A fan draws the warm air outside and circulates it through an outer evaporator. Then a liquid refrigerant found within the evaporator absorbs the heat and transforms it into a gas. This warm gas is pumped into the compressor, which adds up heat and generates a hot gas that passes through a heat exchange condenser. After that, the heat pump heater warms the water that circulates in the pool.

Maximizing Pool Comfort with Pool Heaters

Pool heaters are essential for pools, as they provide users with a host of features such as:

  • Optimal Water Temperature:

    By having a pool heater, one can attain the best water temperature that can provide the best swimming experience to users despite various factors.
  • Extended Swimming Season:

    The changing weather can create changes in the pool, such as turning the water cold, which can curtail swimming time. With a pool heater, the swimming season is extended.
  • Enhanced Relaxation:

    Warm pool water also benefits our health. This is because hot water can increase the body temperature, which relaxes the muscles. This soothes us not just physically but also mentally.
  • Comfortable Water Activities:

    Aside from extending the swimming season, pool heaters turn water into a conducive environment for facilitating water activities such as pool volleyball, pool races, water balloon games, and others in a comfortable way.
  • Versatile Pool Usage:

    Since water can be heated, pools can be used across the year, which allows them to be used in different ways. A pool can be used for swimming, diving, water sports, training, and physical therapy.

Pool Pumps and Heaters by Amici Water Systems

Amici Water System is the leading water pump supplier and distributor of imported water products in the Philippines. Some of our top products include:

  • Pentair Sta-Rite 343001 Supermax VS 1.5Hp VFD Swimming Pool Pump:

    This pool pump is designed to help owners save money, especially since owning a pool can be costly. With its variable speed technology, owners can save more as it costs less. This can also be simply operated through a user-friendly interface. When it comes to installation, owners can have easy access to electrical connections and control them remotely
  • Pentair IntelliProXF VSF Variable Speed and Flow Pool Pump:

    Large and high-flow pools can take advantage of this pool pump as it has the first variable speed and flow pump that adjusts as the flow system conditions shift, maintaining a programmed flow rate. Some of its features include eight programmable speed settings and a built-in timer. A top-mounted field wiring compartment that can be easily accessed and connected. Furthermore, it also has 90% energy savings, a quiet pump, and a powerful hydraulic design.
  • Fairland InverX Vertical:

    This pool heater is an upgraded version of Fairland’s original full-inverter technology. Its components, such as inverter-compressor control and heat exchange technology, as well as its ringing turbo and silent operation, work together to provide an efficient service.

How Do Sanitizers and Pool Cleaning Robots Contribute to Pool Comfort?

Sanitizers are a crucial component in attaining pool comfort as they kill pathogens from rain, swimmers, or source water that can cause a plethora of diseases in swimmers. On the other hand, cleaning robots function by circulating clean water around the pool and removing debris ranging from large to small, ensuring that the pool is clean and safe.

Opting for cleaning robots and sanitizers comes with numerous benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced Safety:

    Increased safety is achieved when one uses sanitizer and cleaning robots to kill bacteria that can lead to disease and debris and other sediments that may clog the pool's filter or drain.
  • Hygienic Water:

    When pathogens and sediments are removed, pool water becomes hygienic, making it safer and cleaner to swim in.
  • Efficient Filtration:

    Aside from having a built-in bag where debris is collected, cleaning robots include internal filters that are designed for efficient and effective water pool filtration.
  • Water Clarity:

    By eliminating rubbish, debris, and sediments, as well as pathogens that can cause water discoloration, cleaning robots and sanitizers aid in achieving better water clarity, as seen by how deeply visible lights penetrate.
  • Extended Pool Usage:

    A clean-water pool does not only contribute to enhanced safety but also to the longer usage of the pool. This is because cleaner water does not require frequent changes in water pools that can hold its usage.
  • Reduction of Unpleasant Odors:

    Unpleasant odors that can discourage users from swimming are avoided when bacteria and trash are removed from the pool through cleaning robots and sanitizers.
  • Reduced Maintenance Efforts:

    A water pool that is contaminated with bacteria and pathogens and has trash and debris may require regular maintenance, which can be costly and taxing. But this can be avoided with cleaning robots and the use of sanitizers.

Pools are structures that provide a place for everyone to enjoy and relax. Having equipment that helps maintain its overall functionality is paramount in continuously providing pleasure to users. That’s why pool owners need to choose equipment that is cost-friendly, efficient, and effective to help enhance their pool's comfort.

If you’re looking for reliable products for your pool, Amici Water Systems can help. We offer a range of quality pool pumps that can operate continuously for hours or days, to ensure the water in your pool stays safe and sanitized, we also offer pool cleaning supplies. We also have pool heaters so you can enjoy your pool even on colder nights. Give us a call at 8740 6675 to learn more.