Jet-Flo JM-3.89/7 Dosing Pump

The JM Series dosing pump is used in a variety of application requiring accurate dosage of chemical. This has applications in reverse osmosis, electrodialysis, wastewater treatment, laboratory and testing rooms, and other measuring applications.


  • Easy installation and operation
  • Accurate measurement and adjustable flow
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Metal strengthened diaphragm


  • Stroke: 51 (min-1)
  • Rated Flow: 3.78 LPH
  • Maximum Pressure: 101.5 psi (7 bars)
  • Connecion Size: 19 x 1.5
  • Power: 8.8W


  • Pump Head: PVC
  • Valve Seat and Diaphragm: NBR
  • Gasket: Teflon
  • Valve Ball: Ceramic
  • Discharge Tube: PE
  • Suction Tube: PVC
Weight: 4.1 kg