A.O. Smith AO-WH-PREV-R2 Sediment Filter

A.O. Smith AO-WH-PREV-R2
A.O. Smith AO-WH-PREV-R2


This whole house filter is designed to improve your tap water as it reduces sediment and turbidity in the water through its 5 microns filtration. It also uses the mechanical method to trap other suspended solids found in the water such as sand, oil, and plankton. AO-WH-PREV-R2 is perfect for households with sizes of up to 4 people. The filters last for about 6 months or until a noticeable pressure drop occurs.



  • Longer lasting appliances
  • NSF Certified
  • Fits with A. O. Smith whole house systems
  • Comes with two replacement filters
  • Easy replacement



Height: 10 inches

Width: 3 inches

Depth: 3 inches

Flow Rate: 4 (Gallons per minute)

Min. Feed Temp.: 40° Fahrenheit

Max Feed Temp.: 100° Fahrenheit

Weight: 1lb