Ozone Swim 3000 BR-500.09 Mineral/Salt+Ozone System

Ozone Swim 3000 is designed for pools up to 80,000 liters in volume.

Why People Choose Ozone Swim

  • Easy on the Eye, Soft on the Skin
  • Healthier Pool Water
  • Reduces chlorine requirement by up to 80%
  • Crystal Clear & Odour-Free
  • Save Time, Money and Maintenance
  • Sensitive & Safe Sanitation
  • Tried & Trusted


  • Combines Ozone and Chlorine Generation to Provide Ultimate Dual Sanitation & Purification
  • Self-Cleaning Cell Technology Keeps your system clean and reduces maintenance
  • Multi-Flow Ozone Injection Manifold
  • Built-in Timer Clock

How It Works

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer used to purify air and water. Using corona discharge to create ozone, Ozone Swim neutralizes harmful contaminants like organics, bacteria and viruses.

At the same time, Ozone Swim 3000 Series comes built with mineral/salt chlorine generator to produce residual chlorine. You can use either ordinary salt or therapeutic Mineral Swim for a Total Solution for healthy and crystal clear water.


10 Year Ozone Cell Warranty, 5 Year on Chlorinator Cell, 3 Year Warranty on other parts