Sta-Rite Intellibrite 5g Underwater LED Light

Intellibrite 5g pool lights feature energy-efficient LED technology  that combine to bring color to your swimming pool.  Its custom reflector and unique lens design gives Intellibrite 5g the brightest and most efficient underwater LED light in the market.


  • Provide vivid illumination at almost half the energy used by competing LED lights
  • Superior reflector design that increases intensity and color effects, and minimizes glare
  • Choice of high-coverage wide angle light or high-intensity narrow angle light position
  • More than 82% less energy used compared to incandescent and halogen lamps
  • Durable, solid-state technology with no internal filament to wear out
  • Unlike many LED pool lights, Intellibrite 5g continuous to work even when a single LED goes out
  • Multiple color modes

    • Fixed Colors: Blue, Green, Magenta, White, Red
    • Light Shows: SAm, Party, Romance, California Sunset, American, Carribean, Royal
  • Works with IntelliTouch or Intellibrite control systems for mood customization